FREE Tickets Available for Women of Diverse Racial and Ethnic Backgrounds!
Are you a Woman of Color and want to attend the Women in Tech Festival - for free?

We want can't wait for you to join us!

Thanks to our Diversity Sponsor, we have scholarships available to give to our underrepresented communities, including Black, Latinx, & American Indian! If this is you, answer a few questions below to get a FREE pass with full access to every session of our 2-day virtual event!
Please let us know your racial or ethnic heritage *
What is your gender identity? If you prefer not to answer, you can type "I do not wish to answer." *
Help us to address you respectfully. What are your preferred gender pronouns? (E.g. she/her, they/their) If you prefer not to answer, you can type "I do not wish to answer." *
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We want to work with people of all backgrounds, whether that be of race, gender, sexual identity, class, ability, skin color, or any other trait. We are committed to intersectionality and want to hear from you if you feel you are underrepresented in tech. Anything else we should know?
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