Athey Creek - High School - Scholarship Application
Fill out all sections as best you can and submit a completed form to be reviewed by Athey Creek.
Please complete the form at least 2 weeks before the trip / event being applied for.
All information will remain confidential and is only viewed by Athey Creek in review of approvals.
Contact Information
Information about who this scholarship is for.
First Name:
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Last Name:
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Phone Number:
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E-Mail Address:
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Parent/Guardian Contact Information
For those under 18.
Parent/Guardian Name:
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Parent/Guardian Phone Number:
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Parent/Guardian E-Mail:
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Personal Information
Tell us a little about yourself.
Do you attend Athey Creek?
Check all that apply.
Do you serve, in any capacity, at Athey Creek?
Kids classes, set-up/tear-down, parking, etc...
If so, in what ways do you serve?
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Trip / Event Information
What trip are you applying for?
Amount of scholarship:
How much money do you need help with?
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Why are you in need of this scholarship?
Again, this is confidential and only seen by Athey Creek staff.
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What steps, if any, have you taken to contribute to paying for this trip/event?
Mowing lawns, babysitting, etc...
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Why would you like to attend this trip/event?
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We understand that sometimes you work towards saving money for something special and not all money can go towards trips/events. Are there things you are currently saving for?
Car, school, etc..
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Have you previously talked with anyone at Athey Creek about this scholarship?
If so, who?
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