2022 Festival fee waiver signup form
This form is meant for filmmakers in need, especially filmmakers currently living in Iran, Sudan, Congo, Venezuela and other countries mentioned below, since international sanctions have made it hard to pay festival fees. If you aren't from these countries, but are in need you may apply and explain your situation. We will then assess the situation. Please read the following four important points below.

1) Make sure to read the Festival’s submissions terms and rules form before you submit. See the link below.

2) It is mandatory to fill out the entire form and to respond to all the questions before you submit it. Incomplete signups will not be considered.

--->> short answers like "yes," "we like the festival / please give a waiver code" or answers that do not answer the questions, do not help you! And it lowers your chance to receive a  waiver code <<---

3) Please do not attach any links to your film in this form. The point of giving a waiver to you, is that you will be able to submit your film for free to our FilmFreeway (FFW) film submissions. So that we can watch the film on FFW. So please wait until you get a positive response on your request.

4) Because we are currently in an off-season period, festival preparation wise, processing your waiver request may take up to several weeks or a months. We assure you that you will get a response from us.


Update: We updated the form, because we notice that a lot of people do not really answer the questions. Next to that, this form is overtly for people in need, we noticed that there are also a lot of people not in need who try to submit their film for free. Besides that, we really want to make sure that we give films a chance that fit with our festival mission. So we hope you understand that it therefore becomes even more important to make sure that we only help the people in need.

TIP!: simple answers and saying i just like the festival doesn’t really help. Also we are not a human rights film festival, humans rights are part of the program, but we are about awareness creation, solidarity, inclusion and social justice.

Thank you in advance and we look forward to watching your film.
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Please add your contact email adress *
In which city and country do you currently live? *
If possible, would you be able to come to Amsterdam? Or be available for an online Q&A? It is then good to know what the time difference would be? (please answer both questions, no super short answers) *
Please mention the funders/organizations that funded your film and the amount of the total film costs.  (please answer the question, no super short answers) *
Please explain the reason why you can’t pay the festival fee and need a fee waiver, have you thought of creating room for festival submission fees in your budget and or why not?  (please answer the question, no super short answers) *
Are you a student of professional filmmaker? *
What is the name of your film? *
What is your film's logline? *
What is your film’s synopsis?.............(Please explain in broader detail, what is exactly happening, no vague statements) *
Which thematical subject applies your film? *
How does your film relate to one of the following topics/areas? Environmental stories; Racism/discrimination; LGBTIQ+ stories; Migrant stories; Female-centered stories; Social injustice stories; Mental or physical impairment stories. (Your own explanation is favored, copying a text from your synopsis will not help) *
What kind of socio-cultural panel discussion could we hold after the film, what would the talk be about in respect of the social subjects/topics that we described before (please no short answers) *
Do you have both a digital and physical DCP available of your film? *
Does your film have at least English subtitles? (Even if your film is spoken in English, English subtitles are required) *
Have you read our guidelines AND terms’? *Please do so otherwise you won’t be considered. See here [link to submission form] for the guidelines and terms. *
Could you please explain and or point out what in the guidelines, terms touched or inspired you? What stood out and made you feel that our film festival is the best platform to screen your film? (be specific) *
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