The Side Hustle Club 1:1 + Community Program
Hello and welcome to the application form for The Side Hustle Club 1:1 + Community Program, where we will be focusing on helping you to sign clients on 0-2 hours a day by becoming known for your unique thought leadership, soft launching, & doing it on top of a full-time job

What's Included in the Program

✨ 6 months of weekly 1:1 coaching calls, focused on your life and business 
✨ Access to our private Client Portal, which houses our signature curriculum and other previous trainings, additional tools, behind-the-scenes of Cheryl's business, and guest workshops 

✨ Access to The Side Hustle Club Community - This includes weekly group coaching calls, ongoing messaging support via a community slack channel, monthly workshops, and more

 ✨ You'll be invited to join all the community events we host during our 6 months together, such as workshops, guest expert trainings, or live events

 Ongoing personalized mentorship on your business, content and marketing strategy, short term and long term action + belief plan, how to integrate thought work and energy practices to support your mind and body, and anything else you want to have Cheryl's eyes and brain on

The Investment

$6000 USD (one-time payment) or 6x payments of $1000 USD

Upon receiving your application, we will schedule a discovery call to chat more about your business and goals and to see if this program is the right fit for you. I'll be reaching out either via Instagram or email. Can't wait!
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Please tell me about your business! *
ex: How long have you been doing this for? What do you help your awesome clients with? What has worked and what hasn't worked? How many clients you've worked with? What are other business-related courses or programs you've invested in before? Are you a side hustler or a full-time entrepreneur? 

Or: If you're starting a brand new coaching business, please tell me the vision you have in mind :)
Why are you applying to this Program? *
ex: Why do you want to work with a business coach right now (instead of later)? How will working with Cheryl help with your goals? Why this program instead of another program, course, etc? 
Why do you want to work with Cheryl specifically? Was there a particular message, piece of content, or something else that really resonated with you? *
The clients who do best inside our program and make the most out of our signature process & teachings are those who identify with the following statements:

1) I want to create weekly content that helps people and that I am proud to share online
2) I want to build a brand that is an honest and genuine reflection of me and what I want to be known for, and be recognized as a thought leader in my space
3) I am willing to invest the time into my mindset and developing specific skillsets such as soft launching, creating content that resonates deeply with my community, etc
4) Even if I've been a high achiever and hard worker my entire life,  I want to create a business in a way that lets me actually go live my best life  

Where did you hear about Cheryl or this Program? *
The investment for the Side Hustle Club 1:1 + Community Program is $6000 USD or 6x payments of $1000 USD. Are you aware of this? *
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