Viewpoint Magazine Feedback
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1. We would be interested in keeping in touch about new developments. If you would be interested in joining a “Friends of Viewpoint” mailing list, please leave your name and/or email address here.
2. How did you hear about Viewpoint? How often do you read it? How would you describe it?
3. What sorts of projects do you think Viewpoint should prioritize (for example, more frequent thematic issues, more workers' and movement inquiries, printed collections of our online material, developing on the ground reading groups or online discussion forums)? What sorts of areas do we need to do a better job covering?
4. We're interested in how Viewpoint fits into a wider organizational ecology. What other sorts of publications do you follow? Does Viewpoint connect or relate to your political or activist work at all? How so?
5. Are there any features, essays, or collections you found particularly striking or memorable?  
6. Since its inception, Viewpoint has been run entirely by volunteers. Now that the project is growing, we are considering a fundraising campaign in an effort to keep the project sustainable. Would you consider donating money? If we came up with a subscription system, would you subscribe?
7. In general, what can we improve on?
8. One long-standing issue with online publications is how to generate focused discussion around work that is beneficial for both readers and authors. We have occasionally considered some options for this, such as a curated general discussion forum, comments section, letters-from-readers feature, or time and topic-concentrated discussion platform. Would you find something like this useful, and do you have any suggestions about the best way to generate it?
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