Farms + Wildfire: Needs Assessment
With the California wildfire season already heating up, the Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture, CAFF & The Farmers Guild are teaming up to host an online fire resilience course for farmers and ranchers in 2019. To best serve those threatened and impacted by fires, we're seeking your feedback to help us best develop this program.

This year's course will be offered to California farmers and ranchers, however we welcome feedback from all regions across the US as we plan to offer it to other regions later.

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Land management for fire preparedness and mitigation
Preparing your home and family
Prescribed Grazing
Community preparedness
Prescribed burning
Emergency Response
Post-disaster financial aid
Community organizing for recovery
Livestock: preparation & response
Food safety during & after fire
Understanding fire ecology
Personal health & self care post-disaster
Any other topics you'd like to see covered?
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Course logistics
How likely are to attend an online course during the following seasons:
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6 live (virtual) meetings over 6 weeks (weekly)
6 live (virtual) meetings over 2 months (every-other week)
6 live (virtual) meetings over 6 months (monthly)
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Anything else you'd like to share about how this course can best serve farmers and ranchers facing the threat the wildfire?
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