Legends of Learning - LaFayette Central School District
LaFayette CSD wants to recognize staff members who:

Help to advance the mission and vision of the district
Go above and beyond
Demonstrate that they put our students first
Support student learning
Treat students and others with dignity, respect, and compassion
Embrace creativity and innovation

Staff members can be nominated through an online survey which will be made available on our website. When staff members are nominated, the nomination will be reviewed by me and the staff member’s supervisor for accuracy. Once approved, the staff member will be contacted and presented with the “Legends of Learning” cape, and a certificate of recognition. The staff member’s nomination will appear on our website with a brief description as to why they were nominated.

Individuals who are nominated will hold the honor for a month. Our legends of learning will also be asked to assist in the nomination process for the next legend of learning by assisting with recognizing someone else who is deserving of the honor.

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Please describe how this staff member has: helped to advance the mission and vision of the district, went above and beyond, demonstrated that they put our students first, supported student learning, treated students and others with dignity, respect, and compassion, embraced creativity and innovation. *
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