The GROWTH Investment
Making change that counts starts with you. The GROWTH Investment is very simple: Start talking about the things that really matter. You were created for a purpose and you were created for community. It's easy to get either get locked into the expectations of others or to be so independent in chasing our dream that we forget how to fit in with others. The GROWTH Investment is about going somewhere together as a community. Feel free to use these questions as ways to have a conversation with others. GROWTH is an acronym for six areas, and paying attention to these answers can be life-changing.
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Full Name
Gifts - What are the talents and gifts you enjoy using? 
Responsibilities & Roles - What are the obligations and responsibilities you now carry? 
Opportunities - What kinds of things do you see around you that you would like to do?
Willingness - How are you willing to chip in and help because your community needs you?
Thrive - How do you need support and encouragement to thrive in life?
Heart - What things are important to you that you wish you could change?
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