Spring Swing Thing Registration
Welcome to the registration for OSU Swing Dance Club's spring Lindy Hop workshop!
If you are someone who has been swing dancing a bit and have been introduced to basic 8-count swing, and would like to bounce your way into a swingout and smooth out those triple steps, this is the place for you!
For more advanced dancers, if you have been digging into Lindy Hop in one role for a while we recommend you explore the other role in this workshop to expand your knowledge of the dance!

Mark & Shannon workshops 11am - 4 pm (with lunch break)
1) Fresh & Clean Basics
2) Time Change pt1: Mixing 6+8 Count
3) Time Change pt2: Hesitation Moments
4) Tranky Doo Line Dance

SwingColumbus Dance (separate) - 7:30pm-11pm

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