Pulso sang mga Capisnon - Political Preference Choice 2016
We are conducting a research study of the political choice preference for the Capisnon Facebook Online Community members and other Capisnon/Capiznon FB Groups. The questionnaire was posted from May 4-May 8 , and we would like to know the Capisnon choice preferences for President, Vice President, Senators and 1st District Congressman. Feel free to invite your fellow Capisnon family, members and friends to be part of this questionnaire. Any of theses processes in conducting questionnaire is not affiliated or commissioned/influenced by any political, religious, economic, or partisan group. The target respondents are members of the Capisnon Facebook Online Community groups in and outside the Province of Capiz. Frequency count will be use to determine the result. The results will be updated in the Capisnon Facebook Community FB Group. We encouraged that the registered voters or 18 years old and above members of this community will participate in filling up the questionnaire regardless of your location. The primary function of these questionnaire is to inform the CFC Members of the list of National Candidates as well as to know the political choice preferences in the Province of Capiz specially in the National Election, and also generate a wealth of political data valuable even after the election. Rest assured that your participation will be kept confidential and the secrecy of the identify of participants will be protected. Your account shall not be disclosed in the completed questionnaire or final/summary results of the Political Choice Preference of Capisnons. Feel free to share the link. Thank You very much! https://facebook.com/groups/capisnon
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