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7 PM Tabernacle of David Sign Up Form | Mount Zion Prayer Center | Cleveland, TN
We desire to see 24/7 Prayer and Worship in Cleveland, TN. Why? Because Jesus is worthy of it! We desire for His Kingdom to be established in every sphere of our society. How do we release His Kingdom? Through prayer, worship, and acts of justice/obedience.

The vision of 24/7 prayer and worship is to large for any one individual and calls for a community of believers. Filling out this form does not automatically sign you up to serve in a specific position. Many of these areas require a brief and simple training.

Once you complete this form we will contact you and discuss how you can be involved!
Thank you so much for your consideration, obedience and willingness to serve in our local house of prayer!

~ Tabernacle Staff

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Thank you for responding to the call and showing interest in serving in our community!

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