Application for SAT Scholars 2019

SAT Scholars is a 6-Saturday SAT Preparation Course. The dates are June 29-August 10, 2019. Every Saturday, 8:30am-12:30pm at the University of San Diego. (No class on Saturday, July 6.) Applicants must currently be in high school; middle school students cannot apply. Students should have already completed Integrated Math III (or plan to complete it by June 2019.)

This application will take 30+ minutes to fill out and must be completed in one sitting; you cannot save your progress and return later. You need to log in to a G-mail account and we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. Parents, please do NOT fill out the application for your student. We will e-mail all SAT Scholars-related communications to both parent and student. You can help your student with the form, but students will only succeed if they want to participate and take the initiative themselves.

Read the application and all the requirements before filling out this form online. You will be asked for your 10-digit California State ID #, your family income, your GPA, etc. You will also need to answer some short essay questions; we recommend you compose those in advance and copy and paste when you're ready to submit the application. You will need to upload an un-official transcript so you should have that ready. The application deadline is April 12, 2019. We will keep the application open after that, but if it is submitted late, you will be placed on the waiting list and notified if a spot opens for you.

ABOUT SAT Scholars:

Priority consideration will be given to students who are low-income, first-generation college-goers, and who are underrepresented/under-served on college campuses. Attendance is mandatory for every session with only one absence allowed. Student and parent must attend Orientation at USD on Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm. Student and parent grant Cal-SOAP access to future PSAT and SAT scores, grades and transcripts. Student will also commit to take the PSAT (if applicable) and SAT and submit those scores to Cal-SOAP. We will also track which college you ultimately attend. Cal-SOAP has the right to publish photographs of students for publicity purposes. Students/families must provide their own transportation to/from USD.

Some students might wish to apply for Cal-SOAP's other SAT Preparation program, SWAG, which is every weekday June 13-28. You are welcome to apply for both, but you will be asked to ultimately participate in one or the other, not both programs.

Student Instruction: Enter your e-mail address in the first field below. You must be logged in to your Gmail account. The form works best when using Google Chrome as your browser.

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You can find your cumulative weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) on your transcript. It might be described as "9-12 Total WGPA" or something similar.
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Your 10-digit CA State ID should be on your transcript. If you can't find it, ask your counselor, or a use website like Naviance. Do NOT confuse this with your school or district ID, which is probably shorter than 10 digits. If you attend a private school, it's possible you don't have a CA State ID. If that is the case, enter 10 zeros.
Optional: Are you currently participating in these outreach programs? Check any that apply
October 2018 PSAT Score: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing
If you did not take the October 2018 PSAT, you do not need to answer this question.
October 2018 PSAT Score: Math
If you did not take the October 2018 PSAT, you do not need to answer this question.
Most recent SAT Score: Evidence-Based Reading & Writing
If you have never taken the SAT, you do not need to answer this question.
Most recent SAT Score: Math
If you have never taken the SAT, you do not need to answer this question.
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Student Short Responses
Some students also wish to apply for SWAG, a different SAT Prep program June 13-28. If you apply to both, you will ultimately be asked to participate in one or the other, not both. If you have applied to or plan to apply to SWAG in addition to SAT Scholars and are accepted: *
The SAT Scholars program allows a maximum of ONE absence. If you miss two or more days for any reason, you will be dropped from the program and required to return all materials. You cannot be replaced with a new student if you drop after the program has begun, so dropping during the program would mean SELFISHLY TAKING AWAY THE SPOT OF ANOTHER DESERVING STUDENT. You must be certain you have no schedule conflicts on the following 6 dates: June 29, July 13, 20, 27, August 3, 10. (No class on July 6.) If accepted, we ask participants to do their utmost to schedule any appointments, sports, activities and trips so as not to conflict with SAT Scholars. Check here to acknowledge that you and your parent/guardian understand the absence policy. *
My parents and I understand that we must attend a mandatory SAT Scholars Orientation on Wednesday, June 19 at 6pm at USD. *
Students must be at USD 8:30am-12:30pm every day of SAT Scholars and must provide their own transportation. What is your plan for getting to/from USD? Parents? Driving yourself? Carpool? Public transportation? (Please note: if you are taking the Blue/Green Trolley line to Old Town or the # 44 MTS Bus, you will need to plan to catch those very early to account for multiple stops and time to walk up to the USD main campus. Class begins promptly at 8:30am.) *
Explain why you have a strong desire to attend SAT Scholars. What are you hoping to get out of it? Why would you like to participate? (Response should be 100-350 words.) *
SAT Scholars is an intense program that will require 4 hours of SAT Preparation in a classroom each Saturday, plus weekly homework, which will require a phone or computer access. We want to be sure that students are ready for this level of commitment. Describe yourself as a student. (For example, are you a good listener? Do you participate in class? What are your habits when it comes to homework? Do you ask for help when you need it and help others when you can?) If you encounter challenges in SAT Scholars, such as the need to focus for long periods of time or difficult academic content, what will your approach and attitude be? (Response should be 100-350 words.) *
Tell us about yourself. What might you study in college and why is earning a college degree important to you? Have you overcome any challenges in your life you'd like to share? How would your friends, family and teachers describe you? How would you describe yourself? What have you accomplished that you are proud of? (Response should be 300-350 words.) *
Do you feel your GPA/Academic Record accurately reflects your true ability and commitment to academics? Is there anything you wish to share about your GPA or class schedule?
This question is optional. If you respond, response should be 100 words maximum.
Is there anything else we should know about you or that you would like to share with the SAT Scholars selection committee?
This question is optional. If you respond, response should be 100 words maximum.
Upload your current transcript. *
It does NOT need to be an official transcript. If you can't access your transcript online, ask your school counselor or registrar for a copy. If you can't scan it, photograph it or use a phone app like Genius Scan or Cam Scan. Ninth graders: this will only include your first semester classes and grades. Tenth and eleventh graders: this should include all your classes and grades since the beginning of high school.
Upload a teacher or counselor recommendation
A recommendation is not required, but can add value to your application. If you don't have a recommendation at this time, you can submit this application now and ask your recommend-er to e-mail a brief statement describing your attitude and work ethic to Karla K. Whitaker at A recommendation should come from an adult NOT related to you, such as a teacher, counselor, instructor, coach, minister, etc. The recommend-er should include how they know you and should include their e-mail address and/or phone number in case we need to contact them.
Please choose "Send me a copy of my responses" below. Once you click SUBMIT, the application will be submitted and the student will receive an automated confirmation e-mail. That is your verification and proof that you applied so do not delete it. A committee will review your application. In April/May, we will notify students and parents regarding the status of the application. All communication will come via e-mail. We will NOT send hard copy letters in the US mail.
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