B.I.T Generations Server Application
You must fill in this application for review to join the B.I.T Generations server. This is to prevent griefers, thieves or unserious players from joining. I am sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you!
Email address *
What is your Minecraft username? (Case-Sensitive) *
What is your Discord ID? [For example; HenrikoMagnifico#0495) This is required to join the server. *
Please join the official BitGen Discord server if you haven't already, it's the easiest way to get to know the other players and to contact me! Link: https://discord.gg/h4g4rtA *
Make sure that you have at least logged in to the BitGen server ONCE before you send in this application. Otherwise I won't be able to add you as a player if you are accepted. *
Which year were you born? *
Where are you from? At least country (state/city is optional) *
How long/much have you played Minecraft? *
Conditional: Do you have any previous bans from any server? If yes, why? And do explain why it won’t become a problem for us here. *
What about this server motivated you to apply? *
Optional: Link a couple of pictures or videos of your builds (Note: Uploading to imgur works best!)
Optional: Anything else you would like to add?
Answer “Yes, I accept” or “No”:
I hereby understand that this is a cheatless server, and that griefing/raiding/stealing is strictly prohibited. I understand that I am as good as guaranteed to receive a Global ban tarnishing my account, with no mitigating circumstances if I use any kind of cheat client or exploit on the server, or if I grief / raid someone else's property. I also understand that I must report all such activity to staff immediately or be at risk of being considered an accomplice. I have been warned and I take full responsibility for this accounts actions on the server: *
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