Couple Questionnaire for Wedding Officiant
Please fill out the form in it's entirety. This is what helps me write your ceremony customized to you.
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Starting August 6, 2018, I will begin using my iPad Pro. If you insist I use something else to hold the ceremony in then please let me know. I am going this route to help conserve the trees and ink. Printing each ceremony takes at least 2 pages and that can be more than 200 pages per year plus the ink. This will also keep me from having to slightly increase my fees.
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Choose what you would like Officiant to wear. (May 1 - October 31 I will not wear the semi-formal dress or either jacket. It is just too hot in Texas for that. If you choose me to wear that, I will instead wear a black skirt and white blouse. Sorry.) *
Who is/are your Photographer and/or Videographer (Name, website and/or email) *
If you have a Coordinator, please list their name, website and email.
Would you like me to add a moment of silence to the ceremony? *
If yes to above, would you like me to mention names? If so, list the names below.
Would you like me to ask if there is anyone that objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold your peace? *
Do either of you have an allergy to scents? ( just so I know not to wear perfume and wear unscented deodorant) *
Do you wish officiant to ask who is giving the Bride away? *
Do you plan to write your own vows? (If unsure, when I send you the ceremony for approval/changes, I will include vows) *
During the vows (if not writing your own) do you want to just say 'I Do' or do you want to repeat after me? (If writing your own then skip this question. If UNSURE, then I will include vows both ways for you to choose) *
Ring Exchange *
Will there be an extra ceremony? *
If Other, please explain. If SAND, please specify how many and who will be pouring other than couple. If HAND-FASTING, how many cords/ribbons and what colors
Will there be any readers during the ceremony? *
If yes, who and when?
Will there be any music during the ceremony? (not including before or after) *
If yes during the ceremony, please specify when.
Please tell me a little about yourselves, how you met or whatever you would like to share. This will help me make the ceremony more personalized to the you. Favorite song, movie, book, author, tv shows, artists, etc. *
How do you wish to be presented to your guests at the end of the ceremony? *
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