State of the Stats 2016
Around this time last year I did a State of the Stats survey to try and gauge people's hopes, dreams and struggles in football analytics. It's been an interesting year, full of ups and downs for stats both inside clubs and in public, so I thought it would be worth expanding the survey a bit and running it back for 2016.

All responses very much appreciated, whatever your level of involvement professionally or in the community!
Which team are you on?
Clear selection
When were you born?
By all means lie, I'll only use this in aggregate to paint a picture of age ranges
What is your level of interest and involvement in football analytics?
Not interested
Interested in the future
Already doing it
Consultant to professional football clubs
Writing on my own stats blog
Consuming stats & analytics content
Working at a data provider
Using stats for your own enjoyment and understanding
At a professional football club
Working in the gambling industry
Hosting/appearing in stats videos
Working as an agent/intermediary
Writing for free on established websites
In sports academia
Hosting/appearing on stats podcasts
Writing about football stats & analytics for money
Clear selection
Which of the following tools have you used to play with football data?
Which commercial platforms have you used?
What kind of models, charts, predictions or analyses do you produce?
I don't know how
I could do, but haven't
I already do this
Team/opposition analysis
Pressing metrics
Individual match predictions
Goalkeeper ratings
Expected goals models
League table predictions
Defender ratings
Pass maps
Passing ability models
Expected assists models
Finishing ability models
Shot charts
Team metrics like TSR/PDO etc
Overall player ratings
Squad profiles (ages/market values etc)
Clear selection
What _other_ kind of models, charts, predictions or analyses do you work on?
What new models, visualisations or tools should analysts concentrate on in 2017?
How do you like feedback on your work?
Clear selection
What are the biggest issues holding back the stats & analytics community?
What's your level of sports science education?
Clear selection
What's your level of math(s)/statistics education?
Clear selection
What's your (equivalent) level of coaching education?
Apologies for the Eurocentrism
Clear selection
Do you work in an air-conditioned office?
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