Dear students and alumni,

We invite you to participate in this initiative to share your SJI story - your Josephian experiences. You may share anything about your time in SJI - what you enjoyed most in SJI, or how you have benefited from a Josephian education etc. Your story will be shared on our website - www.sji.edu.sg/my-sji-story.

We will also need photos of you doing one of your favourite activity, or representing SJI in CCA/CAS, school activities or at national competitions (if any). You may email your photos to eliza.lim@sji.edu.sg. Do let us know if there are any copyrights for the use of your photos and who we should acknowledge and credit the use of these photos to (if any).

Photo requirements:
• at least 2 high-resolution photos (300 dpi, 2MB, in both landscape and portrait format) that clearly show the frontal view of your face (i.e. not side profile, face down or looking elsewhere)
• preferably single portrait shot, and not a group photo
• You can be doing one of your favourite activity - e.g. CCA/CAS, sports, on overseas trip helping out/volunteering, or a photo of you receiving an award, etc.
• Ideal but not necessary: photo of you in an SJI attire (uniform, CCA attire, house T-shirt, school blazer etc).

Thank you for taking the time to share your SJI story with us!

Ora et Labora!

SJI Corporate Communications Office
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