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Please fill out the following form to register an event for Trails & Sails. If you are hosting more than one unique event, please complete a form for each unique event you are hosting.

The deadline for registering events to be included in the printed guide book is Monday June 10th.

*** If you would like to re-activate a previous event with new dates/times, contact Anya: email ( or phone (978-740-0444)

All forms will be reviewed by Anya before being uploaded to the new website. Any questions should be directed to Anya by email ( or phone (978-740-0444).

Thank you!

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Categories are meant to help attendees better craft their Trails & Sails experience. Although a wide range of cetegories are presented, there may be some gaps. Please select the cetegories below that fit your event best. If you believe that none of these cateogories apply to your event, please contact Anya via email at
Attending Your Event
A few things that attendees should know about your event
Does your event require reservations? *
Please note: Essex Heritage will NOT manage reservations for any event(s). While almost all Trails & Sails events are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, for those events that do need to require reservations for safety reasons, please note: (a) Requiring reservations can discourage attendance at your event -- please only consider taking reservations for your event if you have a very limited capacity (less than 12) and/or you are certain that your event will exceed capacity. (b) If your event requires reservations, you need to manage your reservations -- you MUST include reservation information so participants will know how to reserve their spot.
If you answered YES please provide a link, phone number, or email address where reservations can be made.
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For example: Let participants know what they need to bring, how many miles covered, what they need to wear, etc.
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Promotional Photo for Your Event
At this time we do not need you to submit a promotional photo. However, once we respond to your event submission via email, we will ask for a promotional photo so start thinking & searching for what you want to use. If you would like to re-use one from a previous Trails & Sails listing, please let Anya know by emailing ( or calling her (978-740-0444).
Host Meetings
In an effort to provide hosts with an opportunity to pick up Trails & Sails materials and connect with other Trails & Sails hosts, we are offering a new take on the Host Meetings this year. Three educational networking events will be available in August for event hosts to attend. You are invited to attend as many or few as you see beneficial. More details will be available soon but please complete the following question to help us better plan these meetings.
Which of the following topics would be of interest to you in helping you plan your Trails & Sails event and other future events too?
Select as many as you are interested in.
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