My online health & wellness community has been there for me through thick & thin. Being able to lean on them for the last almost 5 years has been a game changer for my dedication to my health & consistency.

Prep week started Monday for my 10-rounds test group that starts Monday 4/13- if you feel alone or lonely please join us! If that's not the program you want to do - i'm going to CUSTOMIZE a personalized plan for you so don't you worry! I got you!!! Even if it's walking, yoga, or a mini workout of the day - we will get something CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU AND YOUR NEEDS right now! You do not have to have Fit-flix for this community - I am here to serve and help you - mentally, physically and emotionally!!!

IT'S NOT TOO LATE. We are going to do a group workout every SATURDAY AFTERNOON LIVE, I do giveaways monthly and we have fun checking in with each other daily and being accountable! We don't have to all be doing the same program - some will have a personalized program from ME - based on your needs right now!
PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO ANSWER A FEW QUESTIONS so we can get you on the right program that will be perfect for YOU!!!!!
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After you submit this form, you will get an email from me in 24-48 hours so we can get you all plugged in! Hang tight - I got you!!
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