National Provider Forum Survey
During 2018-19, the National Provider Forum held a series of roundtable discussions with stakeholders including Welsh Government, SCW and Qualifications Wales to review the proposals for registration of the workforce and the new qualification framework.

As a result of these discussions, additional registration routes were introduced to ensure stability in the workforce. Some changes were also made to testing and assessing the new qualifications with a commitment to undertake a further review once the qualifications went live.

Now that they have had a chance to bed in, we need your help in understanding the impact of the new qualifications on recruitment and retention, provider costs and management time.

We hope you will take a few minutes to complete the attached short, anonymous survey that will provide quantitative and qualitative data that we can share with key partners as part of the review process.
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1. About Your Services
1.1 What services does your organisation provide? Select all that apply
1.2 In which region (health board footprint) do you provide services? Select all that apply *
2 Regulated workforce – registration and renewal
2.1 How many care workers :
a) Did you employ before Covid -19?
b) Did you recruit during Covid-19 who have since left?
c) Did you recruit during Covid-19 who have stayed?
d) Do you currently employ?
2.2 How many of your current employees are:
a) Completing the All Wales Induction Award in order to join the register?
b) Registered with the Induction Award but need to complete the full level 2 qualification in order to renew registration within 3 years?
c) Already registered with a level 2 qualification or equivalent?
Please add any comments you may have
2.3 How many do you expect to leave the sector?
a) Prior to joining the register?
b) Prior to renewing registration?
Please comment on reasons
2.4 Do you pay registration fees on behalf of ...... (select all that apply)
Please add any comments you may have
3. About the qualifications
3.1 Of those who need to obtain the level 2 qualification, what number do you expect:
a) To successfully complete the qualification on time?
b) To successfully complete the qualification, but with extra time?
c) To struggle to complete the qualification?
3.2 Please comment on your and your employees’ experiences (good and bad) of:
a) The Induction Award *
b) Controlled assessments
c) Essential skills
d) Availability and knowledge of assessors
4. Impact on direct and indirect costs
4.1 How many hours / Guided Learning Hours on average per week are employees spending individually on:
a) The Induction Award
b) The level 2 qualification.
Please add any comments you may have
4.2 How many hours on average per week do you need to backfill?
4.3 How many hours on average per week do the Registered Manager and/or other senior colleagues spend on assessing/supporting each employee?
4.4 Have you incurred any additional direct costs as a result of the new qualifications?
Please add any comments you may have
5. Please comment on any other issues that we have not asked about.
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