4-H Volunteer Monthly Report 2021
Please complete this form at the end of the month to report on that month's 4-H data. This form should be turned in by the 10th of the next month. (If reporting for January, form must be completed for January's data by Feb. 10).
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Topics or Events covered this month (Be BRIEF) *
Nutrition, year planning, presentations, etc.
# Volunteer Hours *
How many hours did YOU spend volunteering with 4-H (planning, at club meetings, 4-H service projects, PALS meetings, etc)?
4-H Youth *
The number of youth that participated in this month's activities.
How many total community service hours did youth complete this month through 4-H activities? *
Use this formula: # of youth who participated in service project X how many hours service project lasted = total # of service hrs
Face-to-Face Contacts *
How many face to face contacts did you have through 4-H community service, community events, etc. (ex. the number of residents at the nursing home that you visited during your community service)? Include anyone you came in contact with.
Are there any comments, a-ha moments, or success stories you want to share from this month?
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