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Referrers are rewarded as part of our Referral Program. Payment made upon successful referral of Senior Players only once fees are paid, and can only be referred by current members who are financial.
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If you have any medical conditions that may impact your ability to play hockey, please notify your Captain to assist in treatment if necessary.
All members playing Seniors who are 18+ are expected to assist the Club from time to time, like running the BBQ and volunteering for other events. This includes umpiring at least one game throughout the season.

If you prefer not to umpire, you can avoid being rostered by paying a $60 levy prior to Round 1 (this will help cover the cost of your replacement). If you choose not to pay, or are late in doing so, you will be placed on the roster and it will be your responsibility to find a replacement. We encourage all members to attempt umpiring at least one.

If a player is rostered and fails to turn up, they must cover the costs of a replacement, and will be re-rostered.
Would you like to appear on the Umpiring Roster this year? *
Are you interested in appearing on the internal Club Umpire List? If yes, we will contact you throughout the year asking if you would like to cover games. Payment ranges from $30 to $50 per game depending on location. *
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