Make an activity proposal for the Platform Network in 2019
With this formular we can now make our proposals online, which means that all data will be collected on the website directly.
And it will be possible for everybody to change your proposals later on as well!
Email address *
Name of Activity *
What will be the name of the Activity? Please give an outstanding name so everybody will get an idea of the Activty.
Kind of Activity *
What kind of activity are you going to offer?
Still open for more partners? *
Is this proposal still open for new partners? If you have already all partners, choose "no".
Financiation of the Activity
Apply for Erasmus+ *
Do you apply for Erasmus+ program funding?
No Erasmus+funding *
In case of your activity won't be funded by the Erasmus+ program, will it take place anyway?
Costs with funding
How much will the activity cost if the project will be funded? Will travel cost be included or extra? What else will be included in the price?
Costs without funding
How much will the activity cost if the project won't be funded? Will travel cost be included or extra? What else will be included in the price?
Organizational information of the Activity
Where will the activity take place? Please give the whole address and maybe you can put a link to GoogleMaps here!
Timetable *
When will the Activity take place? (f.e. July 2013 OR summer 2013 -- exact travel times will be asked later)
Date of arrival
When should participants arrive to your location? (month/day/year)
Date of departure
When should particpants leave your location? (month/day/year)
Program description *
Please give a short, but detailed description of the Activity program which should be used as well for marketing.
Accommodation *
In which kind of accommodation will the participants life? (f.e. tents, 4-bed rooms...)
What kind of special equipment is necessary to take part in your Activity? (i.e. bring your own music instrument, hiking shoes, etc.)
Language *
Which languages will be spoken during the Activity?
Extra program
Is there extra program available in this Activity? If yes, please give a short description what extra program would be available in the "Other" box!
Participant information
Age of participants *
In which age should participants be to take part in your Activity? (f.e. 16-20 years)
Target group
What special abilities should youngsters bring to your Activities? (f.e. motivation for group work, special art skills, experience in music...)
Total number of participants
How many participants will take part in your Activity at all?
Invited participants and leaders *
How many participants and leaders can take part from each region? (f.e. 6+1 OR 4 regions with 6 participants plus 1 leader)
Travel information
Which are recommendable connections?

Please give hints and adviced for the travelling participants how they could arrive to you and how you could help them.

Nearest airport
Which airports should be used?
Nearest train station
What is the name of the nearest train station? Could you help participants to order tickets in your country?
Nearest bus station
What is the name of the next bus station, if necessary. Could you heldp participants to get local tickets?
Travel hints
Please give special travel information that will be important to reach you!
Registration information
Name of organization *
Which organization will be responsible for the Activity?
Postal address of organization *
Contact person
Who will be in charge for the Activity?
e-mail adress
Platform Network information
Responsible contact person with the Platform Network
contact details - email address - phone number
How will the Activity be financed? If other, please explain in which way you found money to finance your Activity - as best practice hint.
Add additional Information as file (PDF, Word).
From now on you can easily give more Information for your Project to use you own documents and upload a description here
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