G4 Bullying Prevention Summative Assessment
Second Step Lesson 2: Bystander Power
Second Step Lesson 3: Bystanders Responsibility

B - SS 5: Demonstrates ethical decision making
B- SS 8: Demonstrate advocacy skills and ability to assert self when necessary
B – SS 4: Demonstrates empathy

Angelica is a bystander who sees what Max is doing to bully David. She doesn't like seeing David being bullied. It makes her feel sad. What can Angelica do to help stop the bullying?
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Sonja is also a bystander who sees Max bullying David. She doesn't like seeing David get hurt. But she wants to be friends with Max, so she laughs when David gets upset. Is Sonja part of the bullying problem?
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I believe helping to stop bullying is the right thing to do.
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Strongly Agree
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Write 3 statements that support a person being bullied.
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