Bistro on Main - Charitable Donation Request
Please use this form to request charitable donations from Bistro on Main for your organization. Please keep in mind that we, ourselves, are a charity (MACC Charities) and have a limited budget for giving outside of our programming. We prioritize causes that address food insecurity, homelessness, education and community development within Manchester.

Please make your request at least 30 days before your event.
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What is the charitable focus of your event/organization? (Because we have a limited budget for charitable donations, we prioritize the following areas: FOOD INSECURITY, HOMELESSNESS, POVERTY, YOUTH DEVELOPMENT, EDUCATION, SUICIDE PREVENTION/MENTAL HEALTH.)
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What is the mission of your organization? (Please, your actual mission statement.) *
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Why is your cause a good match with our mission? (Please be specific. If you do not fit into one of our priorities above, this is your opportunity to still make your case.) *
Do you have a personal connection to MACC Charities or Bistro on Main? (Be specfic.... not just yes/no) *
When was the last time we donated to your organization? (Generally we only give 1x per year)
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