4TDL Evaluation - Infographics: An Instructional Lens (7/15, 2:30 - 5:15p)
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Infographics: An Instructional Lens, Part 1:  Rationale and Framework for Teaching Infographics
Friday, July 15, 2:30pm - 4:00pm EST

Presented & Moderated by Connie Williams, Petaluma High School, Petaluma, CA Debbie Abilock, NoodleTools, Palo Alto, CA, and Susan Smith, Harker School, San Jose, CA
Visuals and data are ubiquitous in teens’ lives; they use them to make decisions every day, in and out of school. For us, they are a call to action. This presentation gives the rationale for teaching infographics and includes a framework for librarians and teachers to integrate the study of data visualizations into high school courses. An infographic is an argument built from the questions designers (students) ask themselves about the relationships between the data, the images, the correlations between the two, and the intended story. We will apply an instructional lens to explore how data is constructed and contextualized to make a visual argument.
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