EuroPython 2019 Data Privacy Acknowledgement (GDPR)
Everyone working or having access to other peoples data should have an understanding about the rules and guidelines of the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (

The EuroPython Data Protection Policy is set out here:

The above document is the implementation policy of the EuroPython 2019 Privacy Policy we have on our website at and the EuroPython Society Privacy Policy at

Please confirm below that you have read and understood our policy.
In case you deal with data you will only do so in an appropriate fashion as set out in our privacy policy.

Please be aware that your name, email and other personal details may be referenced in conference documents and records that are produced by you and your colleagues in the course of carrying out your duties and the business of the conference. Please refer to the EuroPython Privacy Policy on our website at for details on how we store and handle such information.
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