School Start Times Survey
The School Start Times Committee developed a survey for Connellsville Area School District stakeholders in response to growing evidence that most adolescents do not get enough sleep, which leads to mental, behavioral and physical effects. The medical community consensus maintains a public health crisis in the form of an epidemic of chronic sleep loss and later school start times for secondary students are supported by robust research.

The Pennsylvania Senate unanimously approved the resolution and directed the Joint State Government Commission to establish an advisory committee to conduct a study of issues, benefits and options related to instituting a later start time to the school day in secondary schools (Sleep Deprivation in Adolescents: A Case for Delaying Secondary School Start Times, as authorized by Senate Resolution 417 of 2018 [Printer’s No. 2022].)

"The ideal start time for secondary school students is 8:30 AM or later. This recommendation is also that of medical organizations and supported by scientific evidence. This includes the recommendation of no early practices and rehearsals, or activity periods scheduled before the official start time."

The CASD School Start Times Committee met three times and developed this survey for stakeholders. The survey is anonymous and should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey will be closed on January 31, 2020 and the report of the results will be presented at the February 26, 2020, School Board Meeting.
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