AATF 2019 National French Week Video Contest Entry Form
Teachers should submit ONE form for each video/animation entered into NFW Video Contest. Limit FIVE per school.
DUE DATE: December 15th, 2019.
• Three (3) minute time limit per video (30 second minimum)

• Videos/Media in French will receive "extra credit." Obvious (Google) computer-translated media will not not receive extra credit AND may loose points.

• Videos must conform to all school rules and codes of conduct.

• Videos with references to alcohol, drugs, or violence will not be accepted.

• YouTube videos should be “unlisted," NOT private. Anyone with the link should be able to view.

• All submissions via Google folders / docs MUST be accessible to any viewer. If a submission requires permission, it may NOT be considered for competition. Please check the permissions before submitting.

• It is best to use a non-organizational Google account to verify that the permissions "Allow anyone with the link to view" option has been chosen.

Visit the AATF Web site for more information about National French Week Contests: http://www.frenchteachers.org/hq/contests.htm
For more information about contest rules and tools, visit our blog: http://nfwposter.blogspot.com/
For technical help, please contact Catherine Ousselin - catherineku72@gmail.com
2019 Theme: Le français, chez moi !
National French Week Media Contest
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