#ODIC RSVP: Fulton Virtual Town Hall
On November 4, we'll have #OurDayInCourt (#ODIC) when the Supreme Court hears Fulton v. Philadelphia. The outcome of the case could allow private agencies that receive taxpayer-funding in order to provide government services — such as foster care providers, food banks, homeless shelters, and more — to deny services to people who are LGBTQ, Jewish, Muslim, or Mormon.

That evening (5pm PT / 8pm ET), NEAT and our Cosponsors will host a Virtual Town Hall where our panel of experts will break down the case, the arguments made at the court, potential outcomes, and what we can do between now and #DecisionDay (#DD).
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On November 10, we plan to host a Virtual Town Hall to discuss the oral arguments that could strike down the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare).
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In spring 2021, we will also host events when the Supreme Court issues its decision on the Fulton case (#DecisionDay).
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