The Knight Project
Beginning January 1, 2021 you will begin the take part in a 6 month journey with 9 other Squires dads to complete 5 quests achieve Knight status.

1. Attend 2 Major Squires events (Squires Knight, Teen Father Workshop, Young Parent Resource Fair, Squires Hike)
2. 50 hours of reading to your child and/or 50 hours of reading about child development or fathering.
3. $100 in savings/completion of financial literacy class (min 2 hours)
4. 2 Parenting education classes
5. 5 Knight Project sessions

Upon completion you will attend the first ever Knighting Ceremony. At the ceremony you will receive the following:
- Unique Squires Shirt and Hydro flask.
- $100 gift card/certificate to business of your choice.
- Great Dad Challenge Coin.
- Family Photo Session and Prints.
- Opportunity to attend a Fatherhood Conference with Squires. (Most likely the National Fathers & Family Conference in Los Angeles)
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I understand that in order to receive the $100.00 gift card and swag I must complete all 5 quests within the 6 months. *
Squires understands that attendance can be a challenging, and there may be other hurdles. And it is our desire that you are successful. I understand it is my responsibility to communicate with Squires to help me overcome these obstacles. *
I understand I must attend a knighting ceremony at the end of the 6 months. *
Regardless of whether or not I complete the 5 quests, Upon the end of the 6 months I agree to be brutally honest with Squires and complete a evaluation of the "The Knight Project" *
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