The National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence Regional Workshop Application
The National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence (NGTC) will host four regional workshops in the summer of 2018. The workshops will be held in Dallas, San Diego, Salt Lake City, and Gettysburg and are open high school educators and 2-year/4-year college faculty. Each of the workshops have a different focus, so be sure to read the workshop descriptions carefully before filling out this application.

To apply for the workshop, fill out the application. Also, please send an email to Nicole Ernst,, to notify her that you submitted an application. To attend the workshops, participants are required to submit a short proposal that includes the following:
1- A cover letter describing what geospatial tools you have used (for example, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Online, Google Earth, QGIS, mobile phones apps, GPS, UAS, etc.)
2- A proposed classroom-based project that you would like to create (or augment) during your time at the workshop.
3- A resume or Curriculum Vitae (max 2 pages) highlighting your background geospatial tools.
4- A PowerPoint presentation (1 to 3 slides) highlighting any of the following: a) previous geospatial work; b) a classroom lesson; c) a personal (or student mentored) geospatial project.

For regional workshop application questions contact us at (502)213-4368 or

Applications due by Friday May 4 for Dallas and San Diego workshops and June 8 for Salt Lake City and Gettysburg.

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Dallas - June 26-28, 2018
San Diego State University - July 16-18, 2018
Salt Lake Community College - July 31- August 2, 2018
Gettysburg - August 7-9, 2018
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