MT8 Contact Form
All registered entrants for the SpeedRunsLive Mystery Tournament #8 are required to complete this form. Please let us know where we can contact you (outside of the #mystery channel) and which option is most reliable. Please DO NOT provide email because it would not be added to the final public spreadsheet. If you use Twitter, please list your account as your preferred method.

If you would like to share any additional information with us that may have an effect on your participation or performance, please let us know as well. Examples of issues worth mentioning, some of which have come up in previous tournaments, include:

• you are colorblind
• you have a very dated computer that may have issues with many freeware games
• you will always be unavailable on certain days or for a specific period of time

What is your Challonge/irc username? *
Outside of #mystery, what is your preferred method of contact? *
e.g. Twitter -- @SRLMystery
If any, what are other reliable methods we can contact you?
e.g. private message on SDA (SRLMystery), Twitch message (
What time zone are you in? *
Who recruited you?
Did you join MT8 primarily because someone else asked you to? Let us know who! Please do not answer this question if you primarily joined on your own.
Please provide any additional information you wish to share.
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