TMS Summer Camp Registration 2021
Please complete this form if your student(s) plan on attending summer Lights On.

Summer Camp will run from 12:30-5:30 PM Monday - Thursday for the following 6 continuous weeks:
June 7-10
June 14-17
June 21-24
June 28-1
July 5-8
July 12-15

Health protocols will be followed as directed by our school district nurse and county health official.

If you have any questions/concerns please contact Program Coordinator Julia Scott at or 856-655-8612. Thank you!!
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I give permission for my student to participate in all Lights On Afterschool sponsored activities, including field trips, water activities, and transportation during programming. HSCSD #1 and Lights On Afterschool is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur. All precautions to keep students safe will be implemented. Parents will be notified of any instances within 24 hours. All students will be expected to follow school rules outlined in the school student handbook during Lights On Afterschool activities. If student refuses to follow these rules, they will be excused from the Lights On Afterschool Program.
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I give permission for my student to participate in this 21 CCLC funded program required to have an anonymous teacher survey completed at the end of the school year for state reporting. Students will also participate in our evaluation system and complete surveys based on programming services
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I give permission for the teacher and escort in charge to act on my behalf to take measures they deem necessary in the event of sickness or injury during a field trip or “Lights On” activity. I agree to pay for any medical expenses for the student whose name appears above.
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Are there any current medical conditions and/or or allergies that your student has and does your student require any special accommodations for them? *
I give permission for my student’s image or likeness, and or recorded voice to be used by “Lights On Afterschool” for the purpose of demonstrating, promoting/advertising, informing the public of “Lights On Afterschool” activities and academic enrichment opportunities.
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