Applications are now being accepted for PAVAN 2020! Please read all the directions below before proceeding.

This year's dates are Monday - Friday, July 6 -17 from 9 am - 2:30 pm. There are no classes July 11 or 12.

The selection process for PAVAN includes 3 steps -
1. application
2. teacher recommendation and
3. audition.

Complete this form by January 31 to apply for PAVAN.

One teacher recommendation per student must be completed by February 7. No teacher recommendations will be accepted after this date. PAVAN will send a link to the Online Teacher Recommendation to your teacher. You MUST provide a correct email address for your teacher in the form below. If the teacher recommendation is not completed by February 7, the applicant will not be eligible to audition. There will be no exceptions.

Auditions will be held Saturday, February 22, 2020 from 8 am until 6 pm. All applicants must complete an in-person audition on this day. Please apply only if you are available for the audition day. Reserve this entire day since audition times will not be assigned until mid-February. Auditions last approximately 15 minutes. More information about the audition process can be found at

It is a privilege to be selected for PAVAN and strict attendance is required. Please do not schedule vacations, doctor's appointments or make any other plans during the dates and times listed above. Attendance at the Performance Night is required for all PAVAN students, including visual artists.

Any questions? Please email PAVAN Director, AJ Rudnick, at with any questions. I'm here to help!
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Students may apply for one division per year.
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Your teacher may be from school, private lessons or someone who can attest to your skills in your field. PAVAN will send a link to the online recommendation to your teacher. It is your responsibility to confirm with the PAVAN director that the teacher recommendation was completed.
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What is the email address of this teacher? *
Be sure to include a valid and correct email address. The teacher recommendation is sent via email. If the teacher does not receive the recommendation, you will not be permitted to audition.
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Email is the primary form of communication. Please provide a valid and correct email address. Vital information on audition times and requirements will be missed without a corrent email address.
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If you would like an additional email address to be included in updates from PAVAN (student, additional parent, e.g.), please write it here.
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I give permission for my student to apply and audition for PAVAN Governor’s School. Both my student and I are aware that in order to be eligible, my student's teacher recommendation must be received by February 7 and no recommendations will be accepted after that date. Further, we are aware that my student must audition on February 22. If my student does not attend her/his audition, I understand my student cannot attend PAVAN. If my student is accepted, I understand my student and I will receive a handbook, medical forms and conduct agreements which we will both be required to read, sign and return to the PAVAN director before my student may attend the program. I understand my student’s attendance at all class days and the Performance Night is required. I consent to being added to the PAVAN Governor’s School mailing list, which will not be shared.
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