Application for a free Life Strategy discovery call with Brandon Beachum
Would you like to work 1-on-1 with Brandon to help upgrade your life?

After many years of people asking, for the first time ever Brandon has decided to take on a select few soul fam members to help them navigate their lives to the next level!

Simply fill out the answers below and let's explore the possibilities. Your answers can be a simple overview response, you'll go deeper on your call. Be as open and honest as possible and know that this application and call is to discover what's possible and most accessible for in your life right now. Brandon will guide you to get more clarity about where you're at, where you want to go, and what is the access point for you to get there when you speak.

Thank you for committing to your growth enough to dive inward and answer these questions!
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Brandon works with BEings who are inspired and dedicated to creating massive impact in the world. What is your current occupation/focus/purpose (if you know it) and the way in which you are making (or would Love to) make an impact? *
Why do you feel you are a good fit for working with Brandon and why is now the time to start? *
BEing 100% honest, what do you feel has prevented you from reaching your full potential? *
Have you invested in a life strategist, coach, consultant, or invested in your personal growth and healing in the past? What was that experience like? *
What is your current level of commitment to personal growth and reaching your goals related to your health, happiness and lifestyle? Respond with a # between 1-10, 10 BEing 100% committed. *
Are you financially able to invest in your health, happiness and lifestyle Transformation at this time? *
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