LegendsRP Law Enforcement Officer: APPLICATION
This is the official application form for the Police Department of Los Santos!
Please fill the blanks in an honest manner and remember that there's no wrong answers!
Please fill out the application personally, and do not copy or share your answers with anyone!
Thank you, and good luck.

When your application is reviewed by an approving authority, they will contact you (@ you) in #hiring-board channel and inform you if your application was accepted or denied. From there we will conduct a short interview in our Discord. After that if everything looks good we will officially offer you a position with the LSPD.

* You MUST be 17 years old or older.
* You MUST have TeamSpeak 3 installed at the time you're applying.
* You MUST have a working microphone.
* You MUST be able to serve our citizens & the city well.
* You MUST be able to work as a team.
* You MUST have a valid driver license.
* You MUST have a valid firearms license.
* You SHOULD be capable of learning new things.
* You SHOULD have knowledge about the rules.
* You SHOULD not be banned/punished recently.

Note: Currently we are experiencing a change in leadership. At this time applications are being reviewed at least two times a week. Thank you ahead of time for your patience with us during this transition.
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What is your First Name: (IRL) *
What is your Age: (IRL) *
Applying CHARACTER Name: (First and Last) *
Phone Number (InCharacter ex: 123-4567) *
Are you currently part of any Whitelisted Organization on Legends RP? If so what one?
Are you able to speak and understand English? (fluently) *
What Timezone are you in? *
What days and times will you be in the city?
Have you joined our Discord? (https://discord.gg/qq4kybj) *
What is your Discord name: (ex. Discord#1551) *
What is the link to your Steam account? (Ex. https://steamcommunity.com/id/YOURNAME/) *
How long have you been playing on LegendsRP *
Is your reasoning for becoming an LEO purely for corrupt cop RP? (This is NOT a dis qualifier. This just allows us to have an idea of our balance. Please be honest.) *
Being an LEO on LegendsRP requires a small commitment to the community. Are you willing to try and commit a minimum of 4 hours a week? (We understand Life happens) *
Do you understand that you may be removed for failing to meet the standards expected of an LEO? *
What sort of experience(s) do you have with roleplaying? Do you have any experience with being an LEO either in a game or in real life? *
What does RDM / VDM stand for? What does it mean to you? Explain. *
As a person of authority, when do you feel it appropriate to draw your weapon on a civilian? *
You respond to a call where a vehicle is on its side in the middle of the road. Nobody is hurt, but clearly the driver was being reckless. What do you do? *
When are applications reviewed and where will the reply be posted?
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