2020 Farm Marketing Survey
This survey was created to assess the needs of NJ/Eastern PA farm and food businesses amidst the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant state of emergency. Information obtained through this survey will remain confidential unless noted otherwise. Anonymous data will be used as feedback given to industry professionals and state/county agricultural officials. Your input is greatly appreciated. Created and collected by New Jersey Sustainable Food Association
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In what municipality is your business located? *
County of Operation *
In what year was your business established? *
What does your business produce (select all that apply)? *
Has your business received Organic Certification, Certified Naturally Grown, or any other distinction? *
How do you plan to sell your farm products in 2020? *
Do you currently have inventory for sale? *
If yes, where are you currently offering your products for sale? *
Do you intend to increase production as a result of potential supply chain disruption due to COVID-19? *
Do you intend to decrease production as a result of potential supply chain disruption due to COVID-19? *
Have any of your typical revenue streams been negatively impacted by the response to COVID-19?
Farmers Markets
Grocery Stores
On-Farm Markets
CSA Memberships
Online Sales
If yes, are you interested in exploring new or additional revenue streams to account for the negative impact?
If yes to previous question, are you willing to be contacted regarding participation in noted revenue streams?
Clear selection
Are you interested in providing further feedback (via survey or email) in an attempt to better serve the local agricultural community throughout this crisis and beyond? *
Do you have any other comments or suggestions regarding the needs of your farm or food business as it relates to the current state of emergency?
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