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November 4th 2017
9:00 - 12:00 AM

Skills of Tomorrow 01
Networks, Skenderpašina 1

About the workshop:

In cooperation with Ljubljana’s Poligon, the leading crowdfunding organization in our region, Nova Iskra presents a special, intensive crowdfunding workshop at Sarajevo Unlimited 2017, that will provide full training for the preparation, development and implementation of crowdfunding projects and campaigns. The participants will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the entire crowdfunding eco-system and alternative economic concepts, learn how to transform their ideas into successful crowdfunding projects, as well as how to realize them through strategic communication on social networks. Learn about the alternative ways of project financing and be prepared to turn your ideas into reality much faster than you expect - with the help of the global community!


Luka Piškorič (Managing Director and Co-founder of Poligon)
Ljubljana, Slovenia

Poligon is the first Slovenian creative center operating as an autonomous platform for empowerment of freelancers and communities from the fields of creative economy, social entrepreneurship and culture. Since 2011, Luka is focused on development and implementation of new economic models. In 2012 he co-funded Slovenia Crowdfunding initiative aiming to promote the concept on a national level and to educate relevant stakeholders. As a crowdfunding expert he has advised several Slovenian and international creatives and innovators on successfully conducting their crowdfunding campaigns. He lectures about crowdfunding, coworking and creative economies at numerous conferences and faculties in Slovenia and abroad.

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