2020 Cleveland Chesed Center School Supply Distribution
Please fill out the information below to register to receive school supplies for children going into grades K through 8th (one form per child). Quantities are limited. Registration Deadline August 17th.

Please contact the office for any questions 216-932-3115 or office@clevelandchesedcenter.org
Child's Last Name *
Child's First Name *
Parent/Guardian Name *
Email address: *
Phone number *
Child's Gender *
Grade *
Available Options
1. Deluxe school supply kit with all the basics included (most availability)
2. High Quality Backpack
3. Uniform package including 2 polos, 2 pants/jumpers, socks and underwear, basic backpack and supplies
4. Shoe Dept. Gift Cards good for school shoes, amounts vary by family size

Depending on availability and registration, each child will receive one or more of the above, please rate your preferences below.
Top Choice *
Second Choice *
Third Choice *
Fourth Choice *
If you requested a uniform package, please complete the following four questions:
Shirt size
Pants/Jumper Size
For HAC girls, we can obtain French Toast Jumpers. Do you prefer an extra long sleeve polo or 2 polos and a jumper (if available)?
Captionless Image
Is there anything else we should know about your or your child's needs?
Priority will be given to families with demonstrated financial need. If you are comfortable, please give a few details of your financial need. If you are not comfortable answering, we will still do our best to accommodate your child. (Only need 1 answer per household)
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