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We wanted to have your feedback. This is necessary for the development of the college and improvement in our performance for quality sustenance quality improvement and quality enhancement.
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Feedback by Students on Infrastructure
1. Class Room *
2. Library *
3. Reading Hall *
4. Office Staff is Cooperative and helpful *
5. Results and Notices are displayed on the notice board regularly *
6. Computer, Internet and Wi-Fi facilities *
7. Sports *
8. Play Ground *
9. Gymnasium *
10. Green and Eco-friendly Campus *
11. Canteen *
12. Drinking Water *
13. Hostel
14. Toilets/Washrooms *
15. Ladies Common Room
16. Grievances are redressed and problems are solved well in time *
17. Parking facility *
18. Suggestion if any
Feedback on Teaching
Name of the Teacher *
1. Teacher was punctual in conducting the theory lectures/Practical’s throughout the year. *
2. The lectures of the teacher in the class room were clear, audible and easy to understand *
3. The communication skills in terms of expression, pronunciation and comprehensibility of the teacher. *
4. Teacher has always tried to provide updated subject knowledge to the students *
5. Teacher has always encouraged students to participate in class room discussion and present their views. *
6. When required, teacher has used modern teaching aids ICT such as Power Point Presentations, Group Discussion /Seminars/ Demonstrations / Home Assignments for effective teaching and developing interest in the subject. *
7. Teacher approach was impartial and responsive towards all students *
8. Teacher has encouraged students to participate in activities like research, cultural, sports, NSS, NCC, Study tours and various competitions *
9. Teacher has provided guidance regarding career opportunities in subjects/topics related areas. *
10. Teachers behavior in the college campus reflects his/her ethics *
11. Teacher has pleasant and inspiring personality *
12. The entire syllabus is completed in time. *
13. The teacher is available and accessible in the department/staff room after the lecture timing. *
14. Attendance record of the student is maintained by the teacher. *
15. The evaluation process of the teacher is fair and unbiased. *
Parents Feedback Form
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1. Admission procedure of your ward *
2. Infrastructure of the college *
3. Computer facility *
4. Work culture observed by you and your ward *
5. Canteen facility provided by the college *
6. Library facility *
7. Sports facility *
8. Cultural facility *
9. Students counseling activities *
10. Academic discipline i.e. timely conduct of lectures, practices and related activities implemented by the college *
11. Improvement in soft skills, knowledge, ethics, morality observed by you in your ward while studying in the college *
12. Examination system adopted by the college *
13. Placement *
14. Suggestions, if any
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