2020 Master Plan Update-MSRPD
We hope that you join us in creating a vision for the future of the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District by completing this survey.
1. Referring to the map below, do you live within the Mount Shasta Recreation & Parks District boundary (black dotted line)?
Captionless Image
2. What is your zip code?
3. What is your age?
4. Do you feel that there are sufficient parks and green space areas within walking distance of your residence?
5. What is the most important opportunity to have within a close distance of your home?(Select all that apply)
6. In the last year, have you visited any of the following parks? Check all that apply.
7. Do you feel safe when visiting the following Parks?
Mt. Shasta City Park
Shastice Park
Youth Sports Park
8. How important are the following purposes/benefits of recreation and parks to you?
Very Important
Somewhat important
Little importance
Not important
Promote youth/teen physical/social development
Adult sports opportunities
Help older adults & people with disabilities remain active
Improve health/ wellness
Provide opportunities to enjoy nature/outdoors
Ensure there is a green space near every home
Build character & sportsmanship
Enhance community image & peace of mind
Connect people, building strong families & neighborhoods
Protect the natural environment & preserve wildlife habitat
Provide opportunities for lifelong learning
Provide cultural Opportunities
9. Listed below is a list of actions the Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District could take to improve the parks and recreation system. Please indicate whether you would be very supportive, somewhat supportive, or not supportive of each action.
Very Supportive
Not supportive
Fix-up/repair older park facilities/shelters/playgrounds
Improve critical infrastructure such as sewer, roads, parking, and trails
Construct ice rink roof
Develop new tennis courts
Develop new swimming pool/aquatic facility
Develop new hard surface walking and biking trails
Develop new indoor multi-sports center (climbing wall, sports field etc.)
Acquire land to preserve open space and protect the environment
Develop walking/hiking trails
Develop athletic fields & recreational facilities
Develop neighborhood parks
10. Check the outdoor activities YOU or any members of your HOUSEHOLD most frequently participated in during the past year. (Check up to 5)
11. Please indicate the programs that YOU or members of your HOUSEHOLD have a need to be offered in Mt. Shasta. (Check all that apply)
12. What recommendations do you have for the Mt. Shasta Recreation & Parks District to consider in the Parks Master Plan?
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