Tech Lending Student Edition
This form is to refer patrons to our Tech Lending Program Student Edition hotspots. This form is not meant to be shared with the general public. Please do not give this link to community members/patrons as it's meant to refer people.

This form is for students, K-College that are low income and do not have access to high speed internet. Students must be Multnomah County residents, or attend school in Multnomah County. Any person attending any learning program such as, a nutrition program, parents with students, parenting classes, GED courses, rehabilitation classes, addiction or physical therapy, or any learning course will be considered a student.

We are requesting student ID numbers. If student ID number is not available we will accept a students name and the school name, or learning program, that they attend. Please provide student contact information, or parent contact information for any student under 13 years of age.

The loan period is until on June 30, 2023. Regardless of the date the hotspots are checked out, they will be do back at any of our library's on June 30th.

The same program policy for Tech Lending Pilot Program applies to the Tech Lending Student Edition. Program guidelines/policy are provided towards the end of the form.
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Name of person filling out the referral form *
Name of organization where the referral is coming from *
Contact information for person making the referral, email/phone number *
Name of person who will be checking out the device/s, or name of parent for students under 13 years of age. First and last name. *
This program is only available to Multnomah County Residents. Are you Multnomah County Resident? *
Does the student need a Chromebook as well as a hotspot?
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Student name and ID number: If number is not available type "student ID not available" and answer the next question. *
If student ID number is not available, please provide name of student, and students school information. Student name, school name or program student is enrolled in.
Library card number: Library account is required. Visit any of our library branches or visit
What is the neighborhood library for this patron being referred? (Library locations)
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Patron/parent contact information: phone number or email.
Language most spoken in the home?
How many students in the home?
For students grades 6-12, are they interested in STEAM classes provided by the library?
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Please review the Tech Lending Program guidelines with the person being referred and check off that they heard and understood the policy.

A. The Multnomah County Library Tech Lending Student Edition program is for low income students that are Multnomah County residents, or attend school or a program in Multnomah County.

B. Students must be referred to the program by library staff or by community partners that work closely with community/families/students.

C. Students must be 13 years or older to check out our devices. A parent/guardian, or older sibling, can check out devices for their student child/children who are younger than 13 years of age.

D. There are no fees or bills associated with any of our Tech Lending devices.

E. Broken/damaged devices must be returned to any of our library branches.

F. Lost/stolen devices must be reported to the library.

G. If there are two instances of lost, broken, stolen or damaged devices, any combination of those things, a patron will no longer be able to check out Tech Lending, or Tech Lending Student Edition devices.

H. Tech Lending devices cannot be renewed and must be returned to any Multnomah County Library on the due date.
Please include any information that may help process these requests, i.e. transportation issues, mobility issues, contact after work hours...., etc.
For any support or questions for referring people to Tech Lending Student Edition please email
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