Participant Feedback Form
The University of New Mexico Office of the Institutional Review Board (UNM OIRB) is interested in hearing about the experiences of people that participated in research at UNM. If you have participated in research at UNM, please complete the questions below.
Do you remember signing a consent form to take part in a research study?
Did you have enough time to read and ask questions about the consent form?
Were all of your questions answered by the research staff?
Did the research staff give you a copy of the consent form after you signed it?
Did you know that participating in the research study was voluntary and that you didn't have to take part in the study if you didn't want to?
Did you know you could contact the UNM IRB if you had questions or concerns about your rights as a research participant?
How did you find out about the research study that you participated in at UNM?
What was the primary reason you participated in the study?
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