Magic Item Survey
This form is capturing some data related to existing Magic Items we may need to convert to Accelerant write-ups for use in the 2019 Season.

Because the shape of magic and the details of the rules are different it is important for us to capture the true spirit of the item so that we an properly evoke its effect.

Your can fill out the form more than once (see the priority number at the bottom.) Do the most important ones first and give them priorities of one, then two, and so on.

In game the higher priority items are benefiting from most of your mental focus. Out of Game we will balance character's magic items set and want to ensure we get the most important ones.

Items which can not be converted will become Ingredients useful in ritual magic and other by other skills.

This survey can be found at

If you are not converting the character right now you can wait on this but we do want at least four weeks notice before you start play to process items. And yes we have a plan for those starting new characters to maintain play balance.
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What is most important about it in the general rather than rules specific sense. If you want the item to have the same sort of game effect it is worth mentioning it's most important power as a general concept.
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From MOST important (1) down to least important (10).
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