Discipleship Housing Program
The Cornerstone Discipleship Housing Program exists to help college students and young adults, through age 25, grow spiritually and relationally. This is not simply a housing program, but a discipleship training program that will require a high level of commitment to spiritual growth. Only those interested in this kind of training should apply.
House Rental Contract
This agreement is between _________________________________________ and Steve Headland. The length of the program extends for approximately one year, from the beginning of the fall semester through the following summer. Students may apply for additional years.

SECURITY DEPOSIT. A $100 security deposit must be sent via PayPal to steve@gracearlington.com to be held and disbursed for Tenant damages to the Premises (if any) as provided by law.

RENT. Rent must be paid via PayPal to steve@gracearlington.com. The amount of rent is variable, depending on the day of payment:
1st day of the month: $270 + $5 each day after the first, up until 11th-30th day of the month: $320

Continued payment of rent is required to keep one’s place in the house during school breaks, even if you are not living in the house at that time.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Scholarships, of up to $50 per student, per month, are available after the 3rd month. Schedule a meeting with Steve & your house leader to apply. Scholarship priority will be given to students who want to participate in long-term ministry.

HOUSE SUPPLIES MONEY: In addition to rent, the house leader will collect an additional $20/month for internet and basic house supplies (toilet paper, soap, etc).

· Utilities (gas, water & electric) are included.
· Mattresses are not provided, but if you don’t have one we will try to assist you.
· Wifi and house supplies (toilet paper, etc) are paid for by the residents, collected by the house leader ($20 each month).
· House cleaning and yard work (picking up trash and mowing the lawn, etc) are the responsibility of the residents. In the case that someone needs to be hired for this, the cost will be the responsibility of the residents.
· House leaders reserve the right to evict residents at any time (with 30 days notice).

We recommend that you get renters insurance to protect yourself from any liability you may incur.

DISCIPLESHIP COMMITMENT: In addition to normal daily responsibilities of cleaning and studying, each resident is required to participate in the following weekly activities:
Wednesday Morning house meeting 7am-7:45am
Weekly participation in a Cornerstone Small group
Weekly participation in Thursday night Merge at Cornerstone
Sunday Morning worship at Grace Community Church.

Failure to participate in these will result in a dismissal from the program.

Other Ministry activities that Discipleship participants are encouraged to be involved in:
- Friday Lunch
- Coffee Shop
- Mission Teams
- Bible Q&A
- Awakening Prayer
- College Connection
- Leadership Training
- Big Howdy Events
- Multiply Training

Membership class (Discovering Grace) at Grace Community Church is required before second semester of living in the Discipleship Housing Program.

Minors (persons under the age of 18) cannot be in the house for any reason without written parental consent and consent of the house leader.
Friends of the opposite sex are never allowed alone in the bedrooms, and not allowed in the house after 11pm. They are allowed in the house in groups.
R-rated or questionable movies, pornography, or other entertainment is not allowed. Check with your house leader if you are unsure.
No alcohol or drugs are allowed.
Housing chores are assigned by the house leader. Failure to do your chores will result payment for hired help and/or eviction.
No pets are allowed.
Non-residents friends who stay overnight must be approved by your house leader and should pay $10/night. (Please pay your house leader beforehand).

I _________________________________ (name) commit to the housing responsibilities listed above as long as I am living in the house. I agree to not continue to live in the house if I am unable to fulfill this commitment.

By signing this agreement, the renter acknowledges that a complete list of these rules has been provided to him or her. The renter will make his or her best effort to keep the house in good condition. No major alterations will be made to the house without prior discussion with the owner. This includes painting, changes to the lawn, and installation of any permanent fixtures.

This agreement cannot be altered without full informed consent in writing provided by the renter, house leader, and owner. In certain cases of violation, any residents may be required to vacate without appeal.

Signing this agreement implies full understanding of all the above conditions.

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All new applicants to the program must have someone, already in the house, willing to “sponsor” them. The sponsor is responsible for training/discipling the new applicant. After completing one semester in the program, a participant may sponsor a newcomer.
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