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Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience. Your feedback will help us improve our customer service program and celebrate our successes with our team. If you require immediate attention or have any questions, please contact The Wave at (519) 661-3007.
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Table Cleanliness *
Not wiped down, wobbly table
Nice, clean and sturdy table
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In complete disarray!
Looking niiiiiiice ;)
Speed of Service
Our speed of service goal is to seated, greeted & billed promptly.
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Everything took forever!
Great pace! Everything arrived promptly
Quality of Service
Were the following items offered to you *
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Was your server knowledgeable? *
Didn't know their stuff.
Knew their stuff inside and out!
Was your server attentive? *
Barely saw them, no refills or quality checks
Very attentive, checked on me regularly
Was your server friendly? *
Moody Judy, Negative Nancy, Debbie Downer or Gloomy Gus
Shining ray of sunshine on a cloudy day
Quality of your experience
Was your meal visually appealing when it arrived? *
Sloppy presentation
Instagram level gorgeous!
Did your food arrive in a timely manner? *
It took foreeeeeever!
Whoa, that was fast!
Did your food arrive as you ordered it? *
Wrong! Not what I ordered.
Perfect! Exactly what I ordered.
How was the overall quality of your meal? *
Looked and tasted terrible!
Looked good, tasted great!
Overall Experience
Would you recommend us to a friend? *
No, I would not recommend.
Yes, for sure!
Will we be seeing your smiling face again at The Wave soon? *
Goodbye forever! Never returning.
Heck yes, I'll be back tomorrow :)
Please provide us with your servers name (if you remember!), the day that you visited us and the time of day. Help us serve you better and tell us how we can improve.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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