GEOCAT Award - "The Most Innovative Developer" in 2017
Starting from FOSS4G 2015 in Seoul, "The Most Innovative Developer" Award will be given annually to one developer that best exemplifies leadership and innovation in the FOSS4G community.

GeoCat would like to once again motivate the FOSS spirit among all developers in GIS field by sponsoring GEOCAT award for "The Most Innovative Developer". The nomination procedure requires that the previous nominees (from 2016) propose 5 names for nomination (in 2017). Unfortunately we only obtained 3 names , and therefore the Geocat team had to complete the list, putting forward 2 more names.

You can find below a list of 5 nominees for GEOCAT award in 2017. And you, as an attendant of FOSS4G have a right to vote the one, who you think deserves to be "The Most Innovative Developer" in 2017. The winner will be awarded €1,000 as acknowledge of his/her outstanding performance and development work. .

All 5 nominees for "The Most Innovative Developer" will be part of a selection committee to determine the next nominees for GEOCAT award in FOSS4G 2017.

Are you inspired by any of 5 candidates with his works and contributions to GIS field? Do not miss a chance to vote for him. The voting will be closed at 12:00 in 18th August.

We will announce the award winner at the Closing Plenary of FOSS4G on Friday 18th August 2017.

Congrats to all following developers !

Who is "The Most Innovative Developer" in 2017?
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