Endorse Herdosia "Kalambayi" Bentum Contact Form
Create political space for candidates willing to stand up for the black community. Kalambayi will take the fight to the city of St Louis to demand they pay reparations to the Black Community in the form of a massive infusion of capital to help individuals acquire and keep their homes, build businesses, and improve the quality of life in education, healthcare, employment, and recreation. Read her platform and endorse Herdosia "Kalambayi" Bentum for Ward 3.

Kalambayi's platform includes:

1. Restoration of economic development for the black community through reparations
2. Keep 28 Wards
3. Fight for Black community control of schools in the Northside of St. Louis.
4. Black Community Control of the Police
5. Fight to end Horizontal (Black on Black) Violence
6. Two-term limit for an Alderperson
7. Workers’ Power for City Workers!
8. Fight for efficient garbage pick up and clean alleys.
9. Automatic restoration of voting rights for people with felonies who have been released from incarceration
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