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Thanks so much for taking a moment to help us sort out our schedule for the coming season :) It really helps to have everything updated, rather than having a lot of dogs coming in that we weren't planning for - we wouldn't want to have to turn you away! or a lot of dogs not showing up when we've turned those others away.

We really appreciate you calling ahead or having a set schedule.

If you'd rather fill this out online, there is a link near the bottom of the front page on our website: www.happyz.com.
Customer and dog name, first and last: *
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I want standing reservations for my dog so I do not have to call every day/week/month: *
I want standing reservations on the following days of the week:
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I would like that modified a bit (for example, every other week starting on...)
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I understand that you turn dogs away when you are full in order to maintain a proper dog to staff ratio, and because of this, you'll charge a no-show fee of $10 if I have a reservation and don't call 24 hours in advance to cancel (emergencies excluded). *
I understand that in order to maintain a proper dog to staff ratio, I must make a reservation of some sort before I come. I also understand that if I don't, and you're full, there's a small chance I'll be turned away at the door (this is awful, we don't like to do this!).
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