Bring your own Bag Resident Survey
Minneapolis City Council is interested in learning about your behaviors and feelings on single use bags. Results of this survey will be shared with City Council and the public to better inform policy decisions.
What neighborhood do you live in?
How often do you use the following when shopping?
Most of the time
Plastic bag
Paper bag
Reusable bag
Don't use a bag
Clear selection
Do you believe the City should take action to reduce waste and litter?
Clear selection
Do you support efforts to reduce carryout bags (both paper and plastic)?
Clear selection
How do you feel about a 5-cent fee on paper and plastic carryout bags (keep in mind that those using recognized food assistance program [WIC, SNAP] are exempt from the fee)?
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Why do you feel this way?
Are you more likely to bring your own bag(s) to a store if you are charged a 5-cent fee for each paper or plastic carryout bag?
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Where do you most commonly shop that we could target for free reusable bags? (Name of the store and intersection)
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